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Affordable Wee​d Control & Fertilization Services Are Now Being Offered! 

Get Your FREE Weed Control Estimate NOW!

Weed Control & Fertilization for as little as $60 per application!


Get Your FREE Weed Control Estimate NOW!

Weed Control

Pre-Emergent- We take care of the weeds before they even germinate! This is the most effective way to keep your lawn *Barefoot Approved* all season! 

Post-Emergent- Don't worry, if weeds have already germinated and are showing their ugly little selves we will treat them also.

Spot Treating- Pesky weeds that won't go away will be dealt with by special chemicals specifically meant for them! 


Fully customized plans for your lawn and grass types! Our custom plans offer the best products to keep your grass green and healthy all season long! We use both chemical and granular formulas to ensure the best possible outcome for your yard. 

Oilfield Site Weed Control & Vegetation Management NOW AVAILABLE!

Weed Control for all well sites, leases, midstream plants, yards, and anywhere else excessive weeds could be a safety hazard!

Disease Control

Out here in West Texas we tend to see different types of diseases pop up in our yards such as Brown Spot, Take-all Root Rot, Grub worm infestation, and Fairy Ring.. just to name a few. We will also treat these diseases as they arise, leave it to us! 

Core Aeration this Fall!

Get ready to have your yard aerated and over seeded coming later this year when the conditions are optimal!